Where to Look for Real Estate Brokers in Florida

Choosing a real estate broker in Florida is important for consumers seeking to buy or sell a commercial property. There are thousands of brokers in Florida who specialize in the sale of business properties. It pays to do a little research on a broker’s qualifications before entering a new business partnership. This person will represent a consumer in a large financial transaction, and consumers want someone with a strong professional background on their side. Here are three traits of qualified brokers to look for:

    • Real Property Knowledge: Real estate brokers in Florida should share their portfolios as representatives of buyers or sellers or both on their websites and in industry publications. A good broker appreciates the unique attributes of a commercial property and how it should be positioned for effective marketing. That knowledge benefits customers who desire a fair price on either side of a real estate transaction.
    • Business Knowledge: Marketing commercial properties differs significantly from marketing homes for sale. A good grasp of general business knowledge assists a real estate broker in generating a proper valuation for your property. This includes understanding a property’s existing and potential uses.
    • Communication: Real estate deals come to fruition because good brokers know how to communicate the benefits and drawbacks of every potential deal. They know how to contact all parties in a real estate transaction, including contractors, appraisers, insurers, lenders, and title companies, and exchange information efficiently and communicate that back to their client.

Before choosing real estate brokers in Florida, consumers should get the facts on each broker’s related commercial experience. Typically, brokers specialize in certain sectors of the market. Retail Solutions Advisors has posted helpful information on their website to assist consumers in this selection process and offer more information in their Commercial Real Estate Blog.