The advantages of professional turf installation

There are many people who fascinate of having a beautiful garden. To make a garden look beautiful there are many methods of designing. Turf grass is one such grass design for lawns and sport arenas. Turf grass is the lush green grass that covers the ground of residential lawns and other venues. There are at least eleven types of turf grasses used to make a perfect lawn. This grass is classified according to the favorability of a season – warm or cold. If you are thinking to hire a professional landscaper, Agape Turf is the best option for you. Agape Turf is a locally owned business well-known for its synthetic turf.

The main aim of the Agape Turf is to offer the customers a premium and affordable product at a very cheap price. The turf grass used by their professionals is long lasting that provide year round beauty to your lawn. They provide a durable and safe lawn, as the grasses used by them are UV protected, lead free, and pet friendly. Free of charge quotes are provided by them to their customers. There is no hidden cost or exaggerated measurements during the advice session. They also answer to all the questions of their customers in an understandable and straight forward way. The professionals at Agape Turf are famous for their honesty and integrity.

Here are some of the advantages that you can surely get.

Enhance the overall look of your yard

Many people prefer synthetic grass in order to improve the look of their yard. Synthetic grass can be costly, but due to its minimum maintenance cost the extra cost is worthy. Turf grass remains vibrant green throughout the year, while the natural grass can fade in color and texture with the season change. You need to trim, mow or water constantly to maintain your yard. The height and look of the grass remain same, so there is no need for maintenance at all.

Eliminate Standing Water

When you install artificial turf, three inches of soil is leveled, removed and fulfilled with the base materials. The drainage part of the yard is actually the base material. Valley and dips are eliminated that can cause standing water after heavy downpour. It reduces the number of mosquitoes and other insects and also prevents standing water.

Does not wear or turn brown

Synthetic turf is an evergreen grass. During drought conditions, it neither turns brown nor goes dormant. Even after being exposed to direct sunlight, it does not fade its green color unlike the natural grass. It is designed in such a way that it can withstand both the extreme cold and hot temperatures without undergoing any change in its appearance.

No Harsh Herbicides or Chemical Fertilizers

Weeds cannot penetrate the layer of artificial turf grass and ground cover. As there is no weed, so there is no hazard of using chemical herbicides. You do not have to apply chemical fertilizers, as these artificial grasses do not grow. Whereas, it is mandatory to apply chemical fertilizers and herbicides on natural grass lawns in order to maintain it properly.

Raises the Resale Value of the House

Synthetic turf is a valuable and expensive asset for every house. It is a costly investment to install artificial grass at your lawn. An artificial turf grass lawn can last minimum for 15 to 20 years with minimal maintenance involved. The life of turf grass is worth the investment as compared to the purchase cost. If the house owner wants to sell the house, the selling price can get higher due to the artificial turf grass lawn.

Benefits of Artificial Grass Installation for Sports Flooring

Synthetic turf grass is very long lasting, maintenance friendly and weather consistent. It not only makes your lawn evergreen, but also can be used for sport flooring pitches.

Lower Maintenance Costs

The purchase price is high but the maintenance cost is less. Synthetic turf is financial friendly that does not need any repairing, refilling, vacuuming or even watering.


There is no need of treating artificial turf grass with fertilizers and pesticides unlike natural grass.

Increase play-ability

Grass fields are less durable than synthetic turf fields. Broader access is allowed, sports can be played on any time and practice space is given to youth sports organizations during the cancellation of matches due to heavy rain.

Fewer injuries

Synthetic grass lawn is durable and due to its even playing surface, there is less chance of injuries, whereas the natural grass fields are rough, slippery and muddy that increases the chance of injury.

Therefore, contact professionals of Agape Turf in order to give your yard a beautiful look. They provide their service in the greater Phoenix area.