Roof restoration and maintenance

Economic roofs can be constructed with a number of different roofing materials like tiles, metals, plastic, glass, ceramics, stones, woods, and fibers. If a roof is older than a decade, building owners require considering roof restoration and maintenance. Roof restoration and maintenance contains roof repairs, surface preparation, applying and preparing roof recoating systems, using moss, lichen or roof washing products, tile reinstatement, reviewing a roof for tasks, repairing roof leaks and damaged roofing elements, washing chimneys and flues, installing serials or SKY dishes and also cleaning roof surfaces with hoses or water blasting. There are many general contractors exist for this operation. But, Melbourne Elder Roofs is one of the best team of repair contractors, made up of industry professionals to give quality and inexpensive service to conserve homes from roof damage.

Roof Affecting Factors

There are some factors that are responsible for damaging roof. Some of them are:

  • Extreme weather like lighting, high winds, hail that flourishes the flashing heights.
  • Punctures, holes caused by roofing contractor.
  • A small hole can let in a huge amount of water into the roofing system.
  • Improper addition of equipments or other items.
  • Ultra-violet ray from the sun.

Melbourne Roof restoration

Due to have many year experience and uncountable roof restorations, Elder Roof restoration in Melbourne is the best process. They have a good reputation and customer feedback. They provide the best possible roofing service achieved by reliable, certified roofing specialists. Its work offers priceless peace of mind. Melbourne roof experts provide a wide range of services. They also provide extra services like guttering and downpipes for those home that need it. So, Melbourne customers and citizens can get great advantages from contacting a decisive and affordable roofing company.

Restoration Strategies

There are mainly two types of restoration process. The process and their steps are summarized below:



Cement Roof Restoration – The techniques of this restoration process are mentioned below

  • Ten-point investigation is performed firstly.
  • Present a color chart to the customers and help to select the proper color.
  • Before starting any work, every precaution is taken.
  • Any damaged tiles are taken off and reinstated.
  • After that, high pressure cleaning is performed.
  • Then, any repair work is completed.
  • After gutters and full blow down of the root it is ready to be painted.
  • The roof is lastly to be painted.

Terracotta Roof Restoration – The techniques of this restoration process are mentioned below

  • Ten-point investigation is operated for the first time.
  • Before starting any work, every caution is taken.
  • Damaged tiles have to be replaced.
  • High pressure washing is done.
  • Repair work is finished.
  • Lastly, bedding and repainting are applied.


  • Expanded root life – Roof restoration can expand the service life to roof 5-15 years longer than a roof replacement.
  • It provides a viable process.
  • It is very easy to maintain.
  • It diminishes monthly cooling charge.
  • Roof restoration can protect the roof from foul weather and high winds.
  • It also conserves all the tiles to start to deteriorate.

So, roof restoration and maintenance process protects the roof from several types of damage and makes it long-lasting.