Factors that affect the roof replacement cost

Repairing a roof can be a costly and time consuming process. Do not let a contractor give you a quote without assessing damage from both inside and outside the home. The following factors will affect the roof replacement cost.

Type of roof

The kind of roof you have greatly affects replacement costs. Roofs may be sloping or flat, low or high pitch and shingled or metal. Different roof types have different material costs, and some need more labor and materials than others. The cheapest shingles are made of asphalt, and they run about $ 90 per 100 sq ft, while slate tiles and shingles can go for as much as $ 1200 per 100 sq ft.

The city or town where you live can affect the cost of replacement as well. The contractor may be required to pull permits for replacements. The license price may be a fixed rate in your area, or it may be based on your home size or value. In some coastal areas, there is a separate license to protect your home from hurricanes and tropical storms. Hurricane rails and straps that may be needed in these areas can add hundreds of dollars to the final price.

The amount of replacement is one of the main factors that determine the cost. Roofing contractors generally estimate the price of the area of the roof that needs to be replaced. In roofing terms, a square is a 10-foot-square area. Shingles are sold by the square, so that you will be charged for a square, even if the repair is less than 10 feet square. The contractor must give you leftover materials, in case your roof needs to be repaired again.
Water Damage

Water can destroy the structure of your home. This type of damage may not be known until the roof is removed. Repairing water damage can be costly and inflate the final price. However, it should not be overlooked because it can lead to a complete roof replacement.
Chimneys, skylights

Chimneys and skylights can also increase the price of a roofing job. They must be replaced at the same time, and you should ask your roofer to check them for damage, while they are making an assessment of shingles. Although they do not need to be replaced, roofer needs to work around them, thus increasing the labor costs.

Get roof repair cost quotes from at least three roofers, before making a hiring decision. Estimates vary widely between roofing companies. Be careful if an estimate seems unusually low, it can mean that the roofer doesn’t have a license.
Removing an old roof

The removal of an old roof can increase the average roof replacement cost by nearly $ 1,000. The more are the layers that must be removed from the roof, the higher is the price.
Other labor charges
If framing that supports your roof is damaged or corrupted, you may need to repair or replace. This could add $ 1,500 – $ 12,000 or even more to your roofing repair costs, depending on what is needed.
Taking Permits and City License

The costs of permits and licenses for roof depend on the place you live. In case you live in a place where hurricanes are common then your roof will need hurricane-proofing. This can add hundreds of dollars to the roof replacement/repair costs. Another additional cost to consider is the permissions. Permissions can also cost several hundred dollars.