Extend the look of your home with distinguished doors

Glazed doors

Doors are the main guardian of your house. Not only do they extend the beauty of both the interior and exteriors, but also gives durability and security to your house. Summit doors are the best engineered and solid doors which come with high durability and fashion.

Varieties of doors

This particular company gives you a whole new range of doors. You can choose as per the needs of your house. Different varieties of bi-fold doors, glazed doors, and traditional panel doors are available with variations in height and styles.

Bi-fold doors

It is a type of folding door which opens by the folding back section installed in it. Bi-folding doors are mainly installed in the interior of the house, which gives a fashionable look along with durability. With a quick and easy space division, they provide a pleasing visual appearance. One of the best parts of this door is there is no health hazards associated with it. It is available with single and paired openings. These types of doors are preinstalled with curved tracks which allow the partitions to move in the corner areas also. You can get several of bi-fold door designs in the official website of the company, and ranges start from $149.

Glazed doors: It is a type of light medium wooden door fitted with the glaze. These are mostly suited for the interior portion of the house, which enhances the look and beauty of the inner part of any house. Dowel joint is installed in these types of doors. Interior finishing and paneling are the best part of these doors. The range of glazed doors starts with $199 and goes up to $239.

Traditional panel doors: These doors are installed with dowel joints and with round wooden joints that are small in diameter. Traditional panels are available within the price range of $169 to $239.

Beneficiary aspects of doors from Summit

All doors provided by Summit are made of pure wood, especially with the Meranti sylvan that is known to give extra strong texture to all the doors. You can get the best quality engineered solid timber that comes with guarantee. If there is any such problem, you can also return of the door. Exchange procedures are also available within a couple of days. Free shipping is provided on purchase and you can get free shipping with the order of two or more doors.

About the company

Summit is one of the best sylvan companies in Australia which deals in the best quality timber doors. It is also ranked highly with 100% customer satisfaction. They offer high quality of wooden doors at a very competitive price.

How to buy?

You can simply visit the official website of the company. Orders can be placed over by telephone also. Helpline number and details about their warehouses are also uploaded there. You can get free quotes before placing an order. Delivery information and return policy details are also provided. If you are willing to get advice from company officials, they are always ready to help you.