Essential Tips on How to Care for Ceramic, Hardwood and More

The key to a beautiful home is having well-maintained floors, so it makes sense to learn how to care for ceramic, hardwood and more to ensure the quality and appearance of your property. If you need tips on how to keep your flooring neat and appealing at all times, then you should consider applying the tips included below. These simple and effective tips can turn any indoor space into a lovely paradise.

If you have hardwood flooring at home, the easiest way to maintain its appearance is by sweeping or vacuuming it regularly. This habit will keep away dirt, grit, dust and debris from dulling the finish or scratching the floor. In case there are spots or spills on the floor, you may dot these areas with well-wrung and lightly damp towel. You should also make it a point to support pieces of furniture or heavy household appliances with some type of wide bearing instead of staining casters and glides.

If you want to move appliances and pieces of furniture around, then you may do so by slowly sliding them over your floor using a small piece of cloth or carpet turned upside down. This will prevent scratches on the floor as you move items around.

Additionally, you may want to place a few area rugs on areas that are considered as high traffic, so you can make your flooring’s long-term maintenance less expensive and easier. Lastly, you should avoid pouring water or detergent straight on the floor to prevent discoloration.

In cleaning hardwood floors, you should use a liter of boiling water with two teabags dipped in it. Tea contains tannic acid that helps create a remarkable shine for any hardwood floor. Simply allow the teabags to steep into the boiling water for at least five minutes, and pour tea into your bucket. Then, take a piece of soft cloth and soak it in tea. However, make sure that the cloth is only damp instead of dripping wet. Afterwards, wash off the tea on the floor and notice a brilliant shine and cleanliness.

For scratches on the floor, you only need to take a piece of crayon that has a color similar to your flooring. Rub this crayon on the scratch and try to fill any gap. Then, use a blowdryer and set it on high, as you heat the specific area where you applied crayon. Finish it off by buffing the spot with a soft, dry cloth.

As for ceramic tiles, you do not need to worry much when it comes to cleaning this type of flooring because of its low-maintenance quality. For instance, you only need to wipe the tiles with a sponge or cloth dampened with household cleaner that does not cause abrasion. You may also vacuum the floor regularly to get rid of gritty particles and dust. Then, wet the mop with all-purpose cleaner, but never use oil-based soap or wax cleaners to prevent the flooring from becoming slippery. Moreover, avoid using ammonia to maintain the original color of the grout.

Primarily, ceramic tiles and vinyl do not require much time in cleaning because these are easy to maintain. With regular dusting and mopping, you can keep your floors clean and attractive while making them last for many years.