Enjoy natural daylight in your home with skylights

home with skylights

Getting skylight both in the morning and at the night inside the home will be an overwhelming experience. You can experience the beauty of starry skies in the darkness of the night and daylight during the daytime by installing skylights in Perth. Skylights WA Natural Daylight Solutions is a well known company in Perth who are renowned for installing skylights both in a house and in an office. Light of a dark room can be improved with the help of a skylight.

  • Velux roof windows

You can manually operate the Velux VS roof window skylights. Nine sizes are available to choose from. The installers should install skylights between the pitch of 15° to 90°. A proprietary roof flashing application and insect screens are included in the package of Velux VS skylights. You can operate it easily by using winder handles. There are telescope rods for the operation of out of reach situations. The kit is also included with honeycomb pleated blinds and solar powered block out.

A solar panel is featured by the Velux VSS Solar powered opening skylight. Available daylight is captured by this Velux skylight so that control system and highly efficient battery powered operator can be recharged. The rooms with adequate ventilations are appropriate for the installation of the Velux FS, which is a fixed or non-opening skylight. Three sizes are available for the Velux FCM for the installation, of which 3° to 60° pitch is required. Centre-Point windows are offered by Velux with the option of 5 different sizes to select from.

  • Roof ventilation

Your home or commercial space can be freshened up by the wide range of wind powered, solar powered and electric ventilation solutions of Skylights WA. Hot and moist air from the room can be extracted out for the ease of your breathing by the specially designed room ventilators. The energy of the sun is harnessed by the noise free Solar Star by Solatube so that your roof cavity can be ventilated. It is a residential solar powered roof fan. It is available only in two sizes – 22W RM1600 and 10W RM1200.

The 22W RM1600 is appropriate for a larger house, whereas the 10W RM1200 is perfect for a relatively small house. Powerful active roof extraction with no ongoing costs is offered by the Solar Star. You can also control this solar powered roof fan thermostatically. This roof ventilator can easily be installed without facing any kind of hazard.

  • Commercial day lighting

The specifiers and designers are provided with a full professional service offer by Skylights WA. Its service is offered for the industrial and commercial daylight options. Broad design freedom is facilitated by historical climate data based daylight design consultation, proprietary roof windows, Solatube tubular day lighting and custom double glazed roof windows. These skylights are capable of delivering natural daylight within the living area of your house. Contemporary interiors of your house are brought to life by these powerful skylights.

Thus, contact Skylights WA today if you want to install a skylight in your house or commercial building.