Enjoy a warm and comfortable swim with proper heating

Solar pool heating

Your pool with some sunshine preserves comfortable warmth for your satisfaction. With a simple collector that is connected to your roof, either with a manual or automatic control system, you can enjoy your pool almost right through the year. Moreover, with one or two laps in the early morning or a plunge, with the children after work, in the pool is what you really desire.

What can pool heating do?

Solar pool heating exploits the sun’s natural energy. By generating comfortable warm water the swimming season is lengthened. This allows the family to have more time to enjoy and relax in the pool. In addition this, it does not cause any harm to the environment or the earth. So once the pool is installed with solar energy, your pool is heated free of charge. Basically the water in the pool heats up while flowing through a sequence of collectors or solar absorbers. These are tactically set-up in the roof’s contours. Then this heated water is sent back to the pool a lot warmer.

In addition, to harness the utmost energy of the sun, the solar absorber or collector is normally set-up on a surface facing north. This could be the roof, a particularly built structure, on a patio covering or a garage. In this way, a daily normal temperature of about 20 to 25 degrees Celsius (68-77oF) can accomplish nearly twice the roof material’s temperature.

Advantages offered

Subsequent to an initially modest installation cost, there are no costly energy bills. Rather than with conventional heating systems, solar heating can compensate the expenses in only a couple of year’s time. Nevertheless, with the air temperature cooling down, this should not stop you from enjoying the benefits of your pool.

These are designed normally for residential and commercial pools. For leisurely swimming, the perfect temperature should be around 25 to 26oC. However, this temperature is naturally hardly ever reached. The temperature for most of the swimming season is normally around 18 to 20oC. During the day the water is mostly warm while it loses its warmth during the night. Luckily a variety of energy efficient and effective heating solutions are designed that enhances your time spent in the pool to nearly nine months from three to four months. In relation to the system and the weather, most pools are heated up below 24 hours.

In general, a solar pool heating system is available from an authorized dealer only. They do not simply make sure each system that is sold is accurately designed and set-up, but even serviced by qualified supervisors. Besides, every authorised dealer carries out regular intensive training sessions. This ensures that the technicians conform to the professional setup practises and quality control design of the company.

Above all this, every owner of the solar pool heating system is provided a guarantee from the company for any defects in the installation process and the supply of the materials.

Serving for 25 years in the solar pool heating industry, high quality standards are a commitment for Discount Pool Shop. Additionally, every solar pool heating system is autonomously checked for meeting thorough Australian Standard measures.