Apartments for rent in Bayonne, New Jersey

apartment for rent

Bayonne redefines what living is all about in New Jersey. In spite of being one of the smaller states in the country, New Jersey offers an amazing ambience. This is a state brimming with opportunity. Bayonne offers hundreds of miles of green parkland. Apartments are available for rent in New Jersey. New Jersey apartments offer many landmarks nearby. It is all about exploring, dining and bar hopping.

Before investing a large sum of money in renting an apartment, there some points should be kept in mind.

When you get to sign your rental lease, it is expected that you have renter’s insurance. It is actually intended to protect the tenants. Renter’s insurance is just like content insurance, but also has the added extras of liability protection. Say, if any guests have an accident while visiting, this insurance assures the coverage of medical expenses for any such visitor’s injuries. Landlords certainly do not have any sort of liability for a tenant’s belongings. This policy solves the problem of who pays for damage to a tenant’s goods, in case there happens to be any accident or mishap. In fact, you will be able to avoid such issues for a small cost of $100-$200.

As a newly arrived tenant in New Jersey, you are required to have a credit history. The landlords will ask for some proof that states you are able capable of paying the rent according to the term of lease. If you have moved in New Jersey for a job, then a good option is to get a letter from the US employer. You only have to verify your new position, salary package and the term of your contract in the US. At the time of lease application, these proofs will be helpful to the agent for the landlord, or managing body. Sometimes, they also want to site some of your recent pay stuffs.

To start your lease, you should have the following payments ready to provide at short notice – rent of 1.5 months as security deposit, rent of one month to start the lease, one month’s rent as a commission fee. This is called a brokerage fee. In New Jersey, the tenants usually pay this fee. So, you will need to get the exact amounts from the realtors. Often these payments need to be finalized before the deal is considered done.

Before signing the lease, it is good to get an idea of extra service charges and extra added costs that you might have to shell out. If there are gym, parking, pool, or office facilities, you might have to pay an annual amenities fee. For rental apartments, the landlord has a standing agreement with the provider of snow removal or gardening service.

These apartments supply with a refrigerator, washing machine and dryer included, so you need not buy these items separately.

This are some of the important things that you need to remember while moving to NJ, one of the best places in the USA.